Cancer Screening Training


Cancer Screening Training

Cancer Screenings for people with learning disabilities

The number of people with learning disabilities going for cancer screenings is too low. If you, or somebody you support, may benefit from a cancer screening, find out more with the video and resources below.

We've got a little quiz below to test how well you know the process of cancer screenings for people with learning disabilities! Don't worry if you aren't too familiar with the process - hopefully our video will be able to answer any questions you do have.

Please watch this video on cancer screenings for people with learning disabilities to find out the common symptoms to look out for, who's eligible for a screening, what to expect at a screening, and the reasonable adjustments that can be made.

This video covers bowel, breast and cervical cancer screenings.

For more information on the topic of cancer screenings for people with learning disabilities, we would recommend the following EasyRead resources.

Cervical Screening

Cervical Cancer Cervical Screening - An easy read booklet with pictures, drawings, and text about what is Cervical Cancer, what affects your risk of cervical cancer, what changes in your body you should look for and step by step information about smear test. Booklet can be available in different languages and formats. Published by NHS Cancer Screenings Programmes.

Having a Smear Test: What Is It About - An easy read guide with drawings and text explaining why having a smear test is important, your rights, smear test step by step and how to make it as easy as it can be. Published by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

Keep Yourself Healthy: A Guide to Having a Smear Test - A booklet with drawings and a step by step guide to having a cervical smear test. Published by Keep Yourself Healthy.

Keep Yourself Healthy: Do I Need a Smear Test? - A booklet with drawings helping you choose if you need a smear test and explaining what to do to keep your cervix healthy. Published by Keep Yourself Healthy.

Breast Cancer

Be Breast Aware - A teaching pack for women with learning disabilities and those who support them with information how to self-test, spot breast lumps and look after your breasts. Published by Cornwall and Isles of Scilly NHS Primary Care Trust.

Breast Cancer and How To Spot It - An easy read leaflet with pictures and text about breast cancer, how to spot signs of breast cancer, when to see the doctor, how this can save your life, what is screening and how to stay healthy. At the end of the leaflet you can find more information about breast cancer screening. Published by NHS.

Breast Cancer Breast Screening - A booklet with realistic pictures and text about breast cancer, risk and how to reduce it, breast awareness, how to spot changes in your body, breast screening and step by step how to arrange and go through the appointment. Published by NHS Cancer Screenings Programmes.

Easy Guide Breast Screening - A leaflet by and for women with learning disabilities with drawings and text explaining mammogram. Published by NHS Cancer Screening Programmes.

Keep Yourself Healthy A Guide To Examining Your Breasts - A booklet with drawings and text explaining how to check your breasts regularly for early signs of cancer, what to do if you find something new and how to keep yourself healthy. Published by Keep Yourself Healthy.

Bowel Screenings

How to use the NHS bowel cancer screening kit - An Easyread guide to talk you through the process of bowel cancer screenings, from receiving the test kit, how to use it and then how to send it back. Produced by BTM - Home of Accessible Information

Capacity and Consent

Consent and Capacity - An easy read factsheet explaining consent, capacity, and best interest, helping you make important choices. Published by See Ability.

Consent Form - Example of an easy read consent form. Published by South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust.

Consent - An easy read leaflet about consent, making decisions about your health care, treatment, and your rights. Published by NHS Scotland.

Making Decisions An Easy Read Guide  - An easy read guide with pictures and life stories about making decisions and The Mental Capacity Act helping and supporting people who are unable to make some decisions for themselves. Published by Office of the Public Guardian.

Mental Capacity Act - An easy read summary of Mental Capacity Act 2005 explaining assessing capacity, best interest in connection with care or treatment, lasting power of attorney, Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment, Independent Mental Capacity Advocate, Court of Protection and other ways the Act protects people.

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