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Barnet Mencap
35 Hendon Lane
Finchley, London N3 1RT
Tel: 020 8349 3842
Fax: 020 8349 2192

Hate Crime Reporting

We are a Hate Crime Reporting Centre. We can support you if you have experienced any kind of hate crime or been a victim of a hate incident. crimeimage

A hate crime is a crime committed against you because of your:

  • Disability  - physical disability, learning disability or mental health
  • Gender identity - including transsexual, transgender and transvestite
  • Race, Religion or National Origin - including gypsy and traveller groups
  • Sexual orientation

A hate crime can be committed anywhere; on a bus or train, in a shop, on the street or in any public or private place. Hate crimes can include:

  • Physical assault
  • Verbal abuse, like name calling or offensive language
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Harassment – this could be by social media or text message
  • Robbery
  • Damage to property
  • Inciting others to commit hate crimes – this could be in words, pictures, videos, music or information on websites

If you think you have experienced a hate crime or witnessed a hate crime, you can:

We can offer:

  • Telephone advice on the incident
  • A meeting to talk about the incident
  • Help you to report the crime to the Police
  • Help you to get assistance from the appropriate support groups

If you believe that someone you know is a target of hate crime, you can make a referral to the Hate Crime Team by filling in this form and sending it to us by post or e-mail.

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